August 19, 2011
The BK King Is Dead (Or At Least Incapacitated)

According to USA Today, Burger King has decided to ditch the king mascot. But honestly, with McGarryBowen taking over the account, does this really come as a surprise? After leaving CP+B I think everyone expected this, however it is now official.

I’ll be very interested in seeing what concept was created for the pitch that won the business. I’m expecting a less risky, less creatively-driven, and more about simplicity.

Have no fear, though. BK is leaving the door open. BK rep Miguel Piedra told the Chicago Tribune in regards to canning the king, “That’s not to say that in the future, we don’t introduce him in some other form. But our new marketing approach is more food-centric.”

Read the USA Today Article: Here

August 11, 2011
McGarryBowen Does It Again!

McGarryBowen wins the United account. This coming within months of winning Sears, followed by stealing the fast-food giant, Burger King, from Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

What a whirlwind of success on the new business front. Need a job in advertising? I bet you McGarryBowen is looking to hire… in everything.

Read the full article: Here

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