August 1, 2011

Microsoft puts out hard-hitting pretty hilarious anti-gmail video. I gotta say, it definitely makes you think, especially with this Google+ and the crazy TOS you have to sign (If you didn’t read it before agreeing, you probably should). Google has the right to keep and reuse in whatever way they see fit, basically, anything you post publicly. That includes pictures, text, videos, and whatever else you feel was important enough to throw into the world of the interwebs. Well, at least that is what a few bloggers would like you to think. Microsoft has definitely jumped on this bandwagon to demonize Google once again. The interesting thing is that most of those bloggers omit certain sentences to create their own story (read: here)

Of course, Microsoft really needs this one. They haven’t been all that successful with their last two attempts to enter the cloud sector, but the Azure and 365, they sure are hitting it hard. We’ll see where it goes…

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